Dumpling Daughter was born two generations before me. My parents owned Boston's most renowned 5-star Chinese restaurant, Sally Ling's!  Despite all the fancy food I enjoyed, my favorite food was mom’s home cooking. I always looked forward to an after school snack of steamed buns or a giant plate of dumplings. The most exciting days were Sundays, when we went to grandma’s house and she wrapped dumplings with my mom.  The whole family would feast on dumplings together. Dumplings became the essential comfort food of my childhood. 

I have since founded Dumpling Daughter which serves many of our most authentic time-tested dishes and my favorites: dumplings, buns, and noodles! Today, my mission is making people happy - one dumpling at a time. Dumplings comfort us and, at the same time, are fun and light!
It brings me joy that, through Dumpling Daughter, we can share our dumplings and buns with people nationwide.  I hope you will enjoy your Dumpling Daughter experience, whether it be in one of our restaurants or in the comfort of your own home. Indulge in our food today and enjoy recipes that have brought happiness for generations!

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