Frequently Asked Questions





Product Shipping

How do you ship your product? +

We ship our frozen dumplings and buns in insulated coolers with blocks of dry ice.

We ship with enough dry ice to last until the evening of your order’s scheduled delivery date. DO NOT handle the dry ice with bare hands.

What does next-day shipping mean? 2-Day? +

We ship all propducts on Wednesday each week and choose rates for your package to arrive in 1-2 days from the date it is ordered. If an order is placed after 2pm EST it will be shipped the next day if possible or the next week.

What's the deal, why can't I get shipments after Wednesday? +

We love our food and we want you to as well. Not everyone is waiting patiently by the front door for deliveries on the weekends. We don't want your order going out if it won't get to you in the best condition, so we try to ship orders so that packages arrive no later than Friday. If you would like to request a shipment outside of the Monday-Wednesday schedule please contact us at and we will work to accommodate your request.

Do you accept returns? +

Unfortunately, as we are shipping perishable food, we cannot accept returns. If there is an issue with your shipment or product, please let us know immediately and we will work with you to remedy the problem. For any issues relating to your order, please contact us at

What goes into the cost of shipping? +

The shipping costs go straight to the shipping company. Unfortunately, shipping frozen dumplings is not cheap since we want them to arrive to you frozen and fresh. The price you see is the average price paid to our shipping partners.

Where do you deliver? +

We ship everywhere within the contiguous United States (excluding Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska). Shipping charges will vary. If you live somewhere we don't ship to, please contact and we will try our best to find a solution. No one should be without dumplings or buns if we can help it!

Do you deliver to PO Box? +

We only deliver to homes or offices where someone can receive these special packages.

Do I need to be home to get my delivery? +

You do not need to be home to receive the delivery. However, you will need to open your package and put it in a freezer by the evening of your delivery date. You will be receiving tracking emails leading up to the delivery, so you can plan accordingly.

What is dry ice? +

Dry ice is the solid state of carbon dioxide. To become a solid, its temperature must reach -109.3 degrees F, making it an ideal cooling agent for shipping frozen and cold refrigerated products. Dry ice should never be handled with bare hands for safety reasons. Please be careful when removing your products from the packaging. Refer to the OSHA Safe Handling of Dry Ice for more information.

What if my package has no more dry ice in it? +

Dry ice is used to keep our food frozen during transit. If your food arrives frozen it is safe to store in your freezer and eat. Partially or completely thawed food may not be safe to eat. We ask you to contact us at if your food arrives not frozen.

Is there minimum order? +

Shipping is expensive and no one is ever happy with just one box. Trust us, get at least 2 boxes. Shipping costs increase with each increment of 5 products, as our cooler boxes have a capacity of 5 boxes.

Product Information

Do you sell your products in grocery stores? +

Yes, we do! Find your favorite items at a local grocer near you.

Do your dumplings or buns contain nuts? Milk? +

Our products are free from any nut and milk products. They do, however, contain soy and gluten!

Where can I find nutritional information? +

Nutritional information can be found on each of our product pages in the pictures section.

Do you have any gluten free dumplings or buns? +

To stay true to the original form, we do not offer gluten-free dumplings or buns. Visit one of our restaurants to enjoy other dishes we prepare gluten-free.

Do your dumplings or buns contain eggs? +

All of our dumplings and buns are egg-free.

Do you have any vegan dumplings or buns? +

We are very proud to offer vegan treats! Try our vegetable dumplings or vegetable buns for a vegan, meat-free experience.

Do you make anything besides dumplings and buns? +

Absolutely! We have several homestyle Chinese dishes, healthy vegetable options and crispy snacks. Every location has their own dishes and specialties, so be sure to check them all out!

Is it safe to eat dumplings or buns that came partially thawed when I opened the package? +

Unfortunately, no. We do not recommend eating your dumplings or buns if they were not frozen upon your unboxing. Dumplings and buns come partially cooked and might not be safe to consume if partially thawed and refrozen. We take great pride in the quality of our product. Thawing and refreezing our frozen products can impact the quality at which we want you to experience our food.

Do you have more nutrition information on your products? +

Yes! Please click here to see additional information regarding your order.


Can I order delivery? +

Delivery is available from the Brookline and South Boston locations through UberEats and DoorDash.

Can you cater my wedding, office party or special event? +

We LOVE to cater large parties and events because that means we share our food with THAT many more food lovers. Using the Chinese philosophy of balance, we take pride in curating a menu just for you with dishes on and off our restaurant menus. We are happy to serve your next occasion, whether it's casual or a major milestone! Need more info? Reach out in our “Contact Us” tab at the top so we can make your event one to remember!

What other store locations do you have? +

Our flagship store is in Weston, MA, and was established in 2014. We launched a location during the pandemic of 2020 in the heart of Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA and we are excited to announce our new location in South Boston, MA, another Daughter born in July of 2023!

Company Policy

Do you have gift cards? +

Yes! Who doesn't want the gift of yummy comfort food? Gift cards can be purchased here.

Wholesale inquiries. +

We do make arrangements to offer our products wholesale. We are excited to speak with you about your ideas. Reach out to with inquiries.

What makes your products so popular? +

Our goal is to make people happy with our dumplings and buns. Our recipes have been passed down through generations and utilize the original approach to produce traditional northern style Chinese dumplings. We take pleasure in sharing these classic treats with our fans.