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Dumpling Daughter Cookbook

Dumpling Daughter Cookbook

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FOR NADIA LIU SPELLMAN, it has always been about the dumplings. The first thing she orders in a restaurant and her favorite thing to eat at home, Nadia dreamt of bringing the high-quality, homestyle dumplings of her childhood to market. But first, she needed to introduce herself—and her dumplings—to the world. Enter Dumpling Daughter, a modern Chinese restaurant established in 2014.

At Dumpling Daughter, Nadia shares the food she grew up eating at home and in her family’s restaurants with a whole new generation of enthusiastic eaters. This cookbook, filled with childhood recipes and her family’s story, is a continuation of that desire. With the steadfast support and guidance from her mother, Sally Ling, Nadia has created both a family heirloom and a helpful resource for those who want to make authentic homestyle Chinese and Chinese American food at home. Featuring iconic dishes from Dumpling Daughter and Sally Ling’s restaurants, as well as family favorites old and new, this cookbook provides home cooks with a wide range of delicious recipes and plenty of inspiration. (Yes, including those famous dumplings!)

 "If you're a foodie seeking authentic, homestyle Chinese recipes, Dumpling Daughter delivers like no other cookbook. Gorgeously photographed and clearly written for home cooks, this book also tells the poignant family story of Nadia Liu Spellman and her mother, Sally Ling, one of the OGs of superstar chefs. Dumpling Daughter is sure to be used over and over again in your kitchen until the recipes are etched in your memory like they were for Nadia as she was growing up.

This is my new go-to cookbook for Chinese food - A MUST HAVE."

-William W. Li, Bestselling Author of Eat to Beat Disease

 "More than forty years ago, Nadia’s parents were instrumental in educating New England food lovers about the subtleties and complexities of genuine Chinese food. At the time, our two restaurants were next door in Boston, where we shared experiences and built a great friendship. It gratifies me that, as our generation has passed the torch, my daughters frequently enjoy Nadia’s food at Dumpling Daughter, as I did Sally Ling’s. Like her parents, Nadia is also leaving a wonderful legacy for the next generation!"

-Jasper White, Chef, Restauranteur, and Cookbook Author

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